Where We Fish

Where We Fish

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Central Alberta

The Central part of our provinces Front Ranges have some of the best and most diverse fishing opportunities around. Freestone Cutthroat and Rainbow Rivers, epic backcountry wilderness, and 20150715_172630~2gentle spring creeks loaded with Brown trout. One could spend a lifetime exploring these waters.

And they would still keep coming back for more.

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Bow River and Tributaries

The Bow River is a world renowned trout stream that flows from the continental divide, through the foothills and the city of Calgary, before carving its way through the vast prairies of southern Alberta.IMG_0915

The water is big and slightly intimidating. 

And its fish even more so.

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Oldman River and Tributaries

There is a little corner of trout fishing paradise in the southwest corner of Alberta. From the crown of the continent flow treasured trout rivers rich with gold, purity, and wisdom. Their lessons contain truth, and their spoils are as old as the glaciers that shaped the rugged mountains in which they originate. 20150813_075818~2-2

These are Rivers that remind us to respect our Elders.

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Elk River and Tributaries

I once sat on the banks of a pool on the Elk River, right under HWY 3, perfectly comfortable in a lawnchair, with a Beer in my hand, casting a stimulator that I had taken from the mouth of a Cutthroat caught at an earlier bridge. I had caught 12 cutthroat in about as many casts. Cast after cast they darted up.
Like Father, like Son

They almost seemed to enjoy it.

Yes, only one thing describes the Elk River…

Cutthroat Trout Heaven!

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