Quizzes to Test your Fish ID

Quizzes to Test your Fish ID

Knowing how to properly identify fish is important to make sure all provincial regulations are followed. It’s also part of what makes fishing fun; you never know what you might catch! See where your skills stand with our notoriously hard Fish ID quizzes. One tests your knowledge of sportfish in Alberta, while the other tests your knowledge of BC’s pacific salmon.!

Alberta Fish ID Quiz

Test your fish identification knowledge with our of Fish Species of Alberta Quiz. 

Pacific Salmonid ID Quiz

Test your Pacific Salmon and Trout ID skills with this Pacific Salmonid ID Quiz.

The five types of Pacific Salmon include Chinook Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, Coho Salmon, Chum Salmon, and Pink Salmon. Also included on the quiz are Steelhead (anadromous Rainbow Trout).

Warning: THIS TEST IS VERY DIFFICULT! It is meant to help you learn and appreciate the nuances of fish ID. All fish are from the Skeena and Nass River systems in Northern BC.

The quiz has 20 questions.


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