Our website has provided top-notch fly-fishing and conservation information to people across western Canada since 2016. I began this site as a blog to share my passion for fly-fishing with the world. Since then, it has evolved into a multifaceted resource that is visited 12,000 times annually. My goal is to further the ethics associated with fly-fishing, bring awareness to conservation issues in Western Canada, and inspire more people to enjoy and connect with wild fish in a sustainable way.

There are costs associated with running the website. Hosting costs close to $300 each year. I spend money on camera equipment, go-pros, and editing software. But the largest investment I have put into the website is my time. Time spent writing, researching, answering emails, performing website maintenance, and pondering fish questions. My priorities for monetizing this site have always been 1) Cover the expenses associated with running the site, 2) Provide a revenue surplus that can facilitate a yearly donation to CPAWS Southern Alberta, and 3) earn a small amount of profit for myself. To put my profit into context, last year my hourly wage was roughly $5/hour. Essentially, I donate my time to this website because I am passionate about sharing my experiences and knowledge with you and have heard time and time again (from readers) that my efforts are appreciated.

That’s where you come in

If you value the time and effort I have put into the website or enjoy the articles I post, please consider making a small financial donation. This can be in the form of monthly $1 (or more) payments via Patreon (this also gives you access to Exclusive content I deem to be “too sensitive” for the general public), or you can make a one-time donation via Buy Me a Coffee. These donations are really the backbone of the website, and much of these donations end up being donated directly to CPAWS Southern Alberta.

The larger we can grow the network of people who financially support the website, the larger these donations can become. This provides each and everyone of us a small, easy way to start mitigating the impacts we have on the fish and their environment and become part of a larger movement.

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