Here at Bushwhackers, we encourage all our followers to support conservation efforts in Alberta and BC; whether that means practicing proper catch and release, educating fellow anglers, or volunteering with or donating to a local non-profit organization. However you choose, we want to help make it easier.

Safe Fish Handling Techniques

The “4 C’s” of Trout Conservation

Purchase a fishing license

At minimum, anyone fishing in Alberta or BC needs to have a fishing license and be familiar with the regulations for any waterbody they intend to fish. Revenues from angling licenses go directly towards conservation and fisheries management activities, and also help officials monitor angler #’s. Don’t go fishing without it; you will be subject to a hefty fine.

Purchase your Alberta fishing license on-line here… Follow the link to purchase your AB fishing license. If you have never had a fishing license in AB, you will first need to create a WIN account. Must be renewed annually, April 1st.

Purchase your BC Freshwater Fishing license on-line here… Follow the link to purchase your BC Freshwater Fishing license in BC. Read the regulations for the waterbody you intend to fish. Many special regulations (Class 1 & 2 watersheds) apply. If you have never had a license in BC before, an angler ID # will be created for you. Must be renewed annually, April 1st.

Donate to local non-profit organization

Trout Unlimited Canada: Bow River Chapter

Trout Unlimited Canada: Oldman River

Trout Unlimited Canada: BC Chapter

Get involved with local chapter of TUC; join for $40 a year, donate, or participate in upcoming volunteer events

Alberta Conservation Association

Donate to the Alberta Conservation Association. The ACA is responsible for a good portion of meaningful trout research in Alberta. Head to their website to donate, volunteer, or just stay informed about conservation projects in Alberta.

Backcountry Hunters and Anglers: Alberta Chapter

The Alberta Chapter of BHA is an excellent way to stay informed about the state of current issues in Alberta and support the individuals doing the ground work when it comes to advocating for our wild places. Further, the ABHA facebook group is an excellent community of knowledgeable anglers; I highly recommend joining.


Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative

Wildsight- Conservation in the Columbia and South Rocky Mountains


Alberta Native Trout Recovery Program

Head to the Alberta Ministry of Environment and Parks and learn more about the provinces Native Trout Recovery plan. Better yet, reach out to Minister Richard Dixon directly with your concerns

BC ministry of Forest, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations: Fish and Wildlife

The fish and wildlife branch of the BC ministry, full of useful resources including regulations, ecological reports, and more.

Bushwhackers projects…

We were curious… so we did some research. Over the years, we have put together several posts about conservation of our native trout. Some of it will scare you, some of it will inspire you. If you are as interested as I was, check out the following articles to get you thinking ‘conservation’!

The Cringeworthy history of Alberta’s Fisheries- And how we are barely hanging on

This article dives into the troubling history of angling in Alberta, drawing off of Lorne fitch’s “Two Fish, one fish, no fish,” this article will open your eyes to how destructive humans can be; and why we need to act now to preserve what we have left.

State of Alberta’s Trout: Salvelinus Confluentus

This 3 part series takes an extensive look into the status of Bull Trout in Alberta; which populations are at risk, which have recovered, and where the fight continues. Meant to educate, inform, and inspire anglers to protect our provincial fish.

Forestry Roads and Trout Fishing: A Love-Hate Relationship

This 2 part article examines the effects of forestry roads on our trout habitat, and the ethical dilemma we face as anglers who rely on these road systems.