Book a Guided Fly-Fishing Experience

Book a Guided Fly-Fishing Experience

Hello bushwhackers,

Thank you all for your continued support and enthusiasm for fly-fishing in western Canada. A special shoutout to all patrons; your financial support means the world and is vitally important to keeping the site going. THANK YOU!

For those who might not know, I am an experienced guide and fly-fishing instructor who has been fishing for trout in Alberta’s high country for over a decade. I am taking bookings for guided trips and fly-fishing lessons in southern Alberta. I am particularly fond of helping new anglers improve their skills and introducing people to fly-fishing. I have taught many kids to fly-fish and enjoy helping people who may be overwhelmed get started into the sport of fly fishing. I am a fisheries professional who works with Cutthroat trout and a biology student. Things I can help with include:

  • Casting technique and options for fly presentation
  • Fly selection/entomology
  • Understanding trout biology and reading water
  • Discovering new places to fish, targeting new species

My main goal as a guide is to inspire respect for nature and inspire a passion for fly-fishing and trout conservation. Please reach out to me if you are interested in any of these services, or if you just want to chat fishing. More details can be found on the guiding page, link is below. Thanks!

I am looking forward to sharing great memories with new clients on the water this summer. In the meantime, I will have some new articles posted very shortly, along with some epic content from some upcoming trips. Looking forward to sharing that with you.

Dont forget to pick up your fishing licenses before hitting the water this May long!

Tight lines,

Kevin Rossi

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