Canada Day Forecast: Sunny with a Chance of Trout

Canada Day Forecast: Sunny with a Chance of Trout

A Canadians Guide to catching fish in the crowds.


Today, our great Nation turns 149 years old. Happy Birthday Canada. Although that seems like a long time, it really is quite young as far as nations go; I kinda see Canada kinda like some young adult, maybe in its early 20’s, just coming into it’s prime. While the US is like a over-egotistical, well established professional in its late-to-early 30’s that thinks they are the best, while not wanting to admit they are a disaster and are bringing the rest of of our world down with them. Countries in Europe, well they are like the baby boomers of our world. Older and wiser, more complex, but also past their prime and not nearly as robust of a place as Canada. So here is to being young and in our prime!

So to get back on track (I guess I am supposed to be talking about fishing here), let us talk about another thing coming into it’s prime. And that would be trout rivers across Alberta and BC. What a better way to celebrate a country in its prime than to hit the rivers and catch some fish; and then maybe drink some Kokanee’s, have a campfire, shoot some skeet, (insert other cliche Canadian things here), and remember what is is that makes our country great.

As for the actual fishing, well, this report will be different. Because I would like to celebrate this great nation by drinking copious amounts of beer this afternoon (and then working off my hangover on the river tomorrow), I will keep this short and sweet. I will sum up each region in one or two  sentences. Cause lingo and flies and weather patterns are all great and fun, but this is a weekend for single minded simplicity.


The largest challenge you will face on the River this week is dodging the crowds. This is an unfortunate reality of the long weekend. To avoid this, we suggest you bring beer in your vest and offer it as a reconciliation gift to your fellow anglers; then, even if they did flog your favourite hole, you can drink a beer together and say the word ‘eh’ a whole bunch and trade fish stories (just an idea). Other ideas: get deep out there; use this weekend to go somewhere remote and wild where you have never been. Post up; while its kinda gutless to claim an entire stretch of river, posting up at a good hole that you know will catch you some fish for an hour or so will save you the headache of seeing another fisherman around each bend. This is especially fair if you put in the work to get to that hole first. Dont stay all day, but take your time, catch your fish, and then move on. Communicate; communicate with your fellow anglers. Talk to them when they go by. Ask them about the fishing, if they caught anything, if there is anyone else around. And if you park at a bridge, leave a note saying which way you went. 

So… Now for some one liners. Here is the simpletons report:

Alberta Front Ranges

Bring your sunscreen and forget your shirts, it’ll be a beauty weekend (but maybe bring a rainjacket in case of tornadoes), and remember two simple words if you aren’t catching fish: DEEP NYMPHS (particularily golden stones… They cant seem to say no these days.)


Hot and Sunny, the fishin should be money; as long as you dont mind dodging drift boats on the Elk… Might be a good weekend to try some of the other tributaries to escape the crowds. Wherever you go, remember to bring your Green Drake pattern… And big shiny streamers that no big bully can resist!


Now you guys are the lucky ones. Cause even the busiest days on the Kettle and Granby Rivers pale in comparison to the hordes of southern Alberta and the Kootenays. Bring a caddis, or a coachmen, or a stimulator. A couple of stonefly nymphs if those don’t work. Maybe a bucket hat and some shades…. If the fish arent biting, just go for a swim and try again. That usually works.

So there ya have it… My words of wisdom for those that wish to celebrate our country by catching trout. Remember, especially on a weekend such as this, there a very few things in the fishing world that can not be fixed by a beer, a peaceful smoke of a substance of your choice, or a good nap. And that, I suppose, is what makes Canadians such great fishermen!

Happy Canada Day and Happy Fishing!

Kevin Rossi

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