Grassy Mountain REJECTED, Small Streams Open, Water Temps rising as Heat Wave Settles in Over Western Canada

Grassy Mountain REJECTED, Small Streams Open, Water Temps rising as Heat Wave Settles in Over Western Canada

Hello all, just a quick post here to update you on some of the recent events of note. It has now been 10 days since small streams opened in Alberta and BC, and for the most part they opened with clear water and very fishable flows, which is always a blessing. Personally, the fishing was very hot and cold, but despite some slow days I did manage to catch some great fish and scratch my small-water itch.

There was some exciting news that came out last week. The Grassy Mountain Coal Mine project was REJECTED by the joint federal-provincial review panel, who stated the project was ‘not in the public interest’. This announcement essentially puts an end to this project that was the closest to beginning operations out of all the projects in the area. This is extremely good news, and it sets a strong precedence for the other projects in the area. It was also announced that all other projects in the area will be subject to a federal impact assessment. It was a huge win for southern Albertans; thank you to everyone who has made their voices heard and participated in the review process and voices their concerns with their local MLA’s. The fight is not over, as there are still a number of projects still up for review- however it was a huge first step and definitely a reason to be optimistic.

Click this link for an article with more information on the decision made to reject the Grassy Mountain proposal.

Heat Wave settles in over Western Canada

Crazy to think we are only one week into open water season and already talking about water temperatures. However, that is the reality as stream flows continue to decrease as the mercury sky-rockets. Despite it still being June, the condtions are becoming unsuitable for trout fishing across the west. When in-stream temperatures get too hot, the chance of catch and release mortality greatly increases, as fish are not able to recover due to low dissolved oxygen levels. Fish that swim away fine may die later. The forecast shows very little rain and record-breaking heat across the west, so this situation will only deteriorate in the weeks to come. Consider limiting your fishing to the early AM or late PM, and be extra diligent with your catch and release practices and prioritize the fishes safe release over any photos. It looks like we are in store for a long, hot summer; lets take care of our wild trout.

Click on this link for a refresher article on proper fish handling techniques

Thanks everyone for reading! Lets continue to fight for the protection of our Eastern Slopes, spread the word of awareness, and advocate for our trout fisheries!

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A Beautiful Cutthroat from opening weekend.

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