This trip was one to remember! We hiked into a beautiful alpine lake in the Kootenay region of BC and caught endless small, but feisty rainbow trout. We each kept 4 trout each and were able to enjoy a delicious meal from a truly sustainable and unpolluted source of food. You can check the video out below!

We don’t keep our fish often, because many of the streams we fish face many challenges and contain threatened species. However, there are many bodies of water where catch and keep angling is appropriate (like this densely populated alpine lake), and fresh caught fish is one of the most sustainable food sources there is! Due to the abundance of small rainbows in this lake, catch-and-keep angling is encouraged. Removing fish from this lake should ultimately lower competition and promote the growth of larger fish. We cooked the fish in olive oil, salt and pepper, and lemon and it was even tastier than we could have imagined! Hard to beat weekends spent exploring the backcountry! We sure are lucky to live where we do.

Hope everyone is getting up to there own adventures and enjoying the slightly cooler temperatures. Feel free to reach out to me whenever! If you like the videos, please like, share, and subscribe!

Tight lines, my fishy friends.


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