Royal Coachman T-Shirts Now Available!

Royal Coachman T-Shirts Now Available!

You scrounge through your old fly-box frantically, sifting through old mangy looking patterns, desperately searching for the collection of feathers and fur that will bring you a trout. You start second guessing, unsure what the best choice is. You wish you knew more about entomology. You wish you stopped in and bought more flies. You start to panic.

Then you see it. The pattern that will ease all your worries. The pattern that you know without a doubt will give you a shot at fish. The pattern that always has your back, no matter the weather, the hatch, or the season.

The Royal Coachman.

And since the Royal Coachman has always had our backs, we thought we would pay homage to the legendary fly and put it on a T-shirt. Featuring watercolor painting by Nikki Beaudoin, this shirt is the perfect way to pay your homage to royalty.

15% goes towards conservation initiatives in Alberta.


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