We are back!

We are back!

Hello fishy friends! Hope everyone is in good health and dealing with isolation well, despite the COVID-19 turmoil. Personally, it has offered me the much needed time to revamp the Bushwhackers Society website and work on some things prior to the 2020 fishing season, and also time to recollect on some amazing days from years past.

It has been a long while since we have posted new content; life has taken us elsewhere, and there just hasn’t been the time. Fear not, we are still here, and always available to contact for any fishing related inquiries.

Whats new??

First off, we have created a Youtube channel and compiled videos from over the years. The account is brand new, so please head to our channel, subscribe, and comment, it will really help us get the ball rolling. What better way to get excited about the upcoming fishing season! The videos are posted below, but you can also follow this link to head directly to our channel and subscribe! 

We have also revamped our website! Along with redesigning the homepage and tabs, we have made additions including archives of all our videos and posts, as well as a brand new Conservation Page. We will be switching gears this year, focusing on conservation awareness, and this page will grow and evolve as things move along, but it is intended to help anglers get involved in conservation initiatives in Alberta and BC.

I have decided to focus most of our energy on promoting conservation efforts and bringing awareness to anglers around the province. Our site reaches thousands each year, and we believe we can use this platform to make a difference in our trout community. Please reach out to us if there are any topics you want to know more about, to promote an event, or if you would like to partner up to tackle an issue!

We are excited to be back, and glad you are along for the ride. With all this self-isolation time, I intend to have some new articles to share by the end of the week; and hopefully I can isolate myself on the river a bit too!

Also, don’t forget new fishing licenses must be purchased on April 1st!

Thanks for being apart of this community of conscious, passionate anglers! Excited for what the 2020 season has in store.


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