5 thoughts on “The Annual Pilgrimage

  1. Love your enthusiasm and enjoyed your blog. You brought a smile to soul with recollections of high country pursuits, many decades ago.
    If your interested, there is a bull fly with frightful success (must be held private forever, though!).

    1. Thanks Robert! Glad you enjoyed and we brought back some good memories; that’s what we are all about!

      Would love to hear about this Bull Trout fly… I’ll keeps it to myself, for sure!

      Tight lines!


  2. Hi,

    I share your passion for fly fishing. However, I worry for the remaining special places when you provide descriptions and locations and encourage everyone on the Internet to come there. I think you will soon find your places are no longer uncrowded or unspoiled anymore. Best to leave out names or even general locations if you want to fish there in the future. You can write just as good an article by leaving out names or even just use imaginary names. BTW, the Castle does get pounded now almost as badly as the Livingstone and Oldman as people try to get away from the increasing crowds, so enjoy it while you can, but beware of the incredible reach of the Internet. I have seen fishing crowds double each year, to the point of destruction, since the advent of the Internet. Tight lines.

    1. Hey Joe,

      I appreciate your comment and concern for the trout Rivers here in our backyard. It is warranted and I try to be cognizant of the info I share.

      It is my goal to provide general info on watersheds and major river systems, to give people a starting point to explore. Not to give away honey holes, secrets. You may notice that there is no mention of any specific streams in this entire post?

      More and more people are getting into fishing; clogged rivers are inevitable. I hope to inspire those who use the river to use it respectfully and to respect other anglers!

      Anyways, thanks again and I’ll keep it in mind.

      Tight lines

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